The Yorkville Condominiums

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Starbucks Zaza Royal Ontario Museum Pusateri's Yorkville Alleyway Hazelton Residences

There is something about Yorkville

An innate feeling, an almost palpable sense of panache about this exclusive midtown village in the heart of the Metropolis. Of chic ristorantes and decadent chocolatiers. Of priceless antiques, fine cashmere and high thread counts. Of sun-kissed patios and intriguing laneways. Of velvet ropes opened with knowing nods. Of abundant green parks or the perfect accent lighting. Of chic style and the clarity of diamonds. Of the tradition of high tea or an exceptional rare vintage. Of haute couture and fine cuisine. Of laughter, smiles and intriguing conversations.

Yorkville has in itself a sense of unbridled confidence, of freedom, of life, and of place. And centred amidst Canada's most desired neighbourhood for modern urban style and sophistication, stands its embodiment... Your home. The Yorkville. Destined to be everything that makes living well an art form.